Honestly, I don’t know much about fish. They aren’t as visible as birds and plants and you actually have to be around water to see them. I would like to learn more about them–maybe I should take up fishing!

Some animals capable of growing new appendages

Lizards are one of the more well-known animals to regrow their tail after shedding it to evade predators. Last week, I wrote about autotomy (the process of voluntarily shedding a body part) and how it is advantageous at first but can cause hardship afterwards. Certain animals alleviate these hardships by…

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Life under an icy ceiling

Winter brings hardships for many animals–lack of food, deep snow and cold temperatures. For fish sealed from the winter landscape by a ceiling of ice, the biggest battle isn’t food or cold but oxygen. Fish handle colder water by decreasing their activity level which in turn decreases their need for…

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Camouflage a means of survival

I catch a slight movement out of the corner of my eye and stop to scan the brushy slope. After a few seconds I spy a ruffed grouse with its head held high next to a birch tree. If the grouse hadn’t twitched I would have walked right past, like…

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