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LauraHi and welcome to North Idaho! I’m Laura and I love to be outside. I enjoy hiking, camping, skiing and snowshoeing with my husband, one-year-old daughter and yellow lab.

There are so many things to discover in nature and I enjoy learning about each one from seeing my first pine marten to identifying a wildflower. I try to always carry a camera to capture what I see.

I started sharing what I was discovering in 2009 when I began writing an outdoor column for my town’s weekly newspaper, the Bonners Ferry Herald. Since my first column on turtles I’ve written over 250 columns and have also written articles in Montana Outdoors, Backwoods Home magazine, BackHome magazine, The River Journal and Sandpoint Magazine. 

Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to see mountain goats in the Selkirk Mountains and accompany bear biologists into a black bear den to retrieve radio collars.

Thanks for exploring with me!


  1. Wow, Laura! This is great……you did a fantastic job setting your website up.

  2. Very awesome, great job Laura

  3. Nice website Laura. Maybe you could help us with a north Idaho waterfall segment for Outdoor Idaho.

  4. I just came across your blog Laura and love it. I live in New Hampshire and started a blog a couple years ago titled “Nature’s Garden Naturally” (NGnaturally@blogspot.com) so your name caught my eye. I see that you are taking some time off from your blog, but there is plenty of content for to catch up on for a while. Your children are only young once, so I can certainly understand the importance of spending time with them. My husband and I hope to visit Idaho next spring and may consider relocating there. I plan on doing a lot of research this winter, using your blog as one tool.

  5. Great source of useful information about nature in these parts. Thank you for doing this


  6. You are providing a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects. I’ve seen your reading list — which is good — but wondered about your educational background?

    • Hi Art,
      I studied at the University of Alaska Anchorage and earned a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences. My focus areas were biology and geology.
      Thanks for reading my website.

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